Bakery Boxed Cake

Turning a box cake into a bakery style cake is so simple, and a whole lot of fun to decorate! This is my second cake that I’ve made for my son’s birthday, and while I’m not a professional, I still had a blast trying, and the cake turned out so cute and rather tasty! There were some bloopers along the way (like the icing bag exploding all over my hands and face) but it’s all part of the fun! !

It’s fairly simple, so I will keep it that way!

Start by reading the instructions on the back of the boxed cake mix.

—*Replace water with milk (1 cup of milk for 1 cup of water).

—*Replace oil with butter and double the amount (2 cups of butter for 1 cup of oil).

—*Add 1-2 extra eggs (If the instructions on the box say to use 3 eggs, use 4-5 eggs).

–Follow directions on the back of the box, and presto! You have yourself a bakery style cake! Make sure you let the cake cool completely before icing.

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